Big News!


Every author has quirks.

Especially me.

One of my many unique oddities is the hand-drawn, 6.2′ man taped to the wall of my bedroom. He was created two-and-a-half years ago while I was writing the first book in my trilogy, “The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor.”

The man on my wall is none other than Kyle Chase, the courageous, handsome heartthrob from the elaborate tangles of my imagination. I love him like most authors love for their characters.

As of now, Kyle is plastered over my clothes hamper, slightly faded, not exactly atomically correct, and has a slight makeup smear on his right cheek (I’m not crazy, I promise.) To save him from inevitable destruction (a.k.a. the garbage can), I must do as all artists and authors do when their work begins to age…

I must laminate Kyle Chase.

Yes, this coming Tuesday, he will be driven to a nearby Hobby Lobby for some needed rejuvenation. And once he’s mummified in plastic, he will attend college with me and spend the rest of his days pinned to the wall of my office; “forever and always.”

For most people, my confession might seem absolutely bonkers; but fellow authors, artists, and abnormal citizens might disagree. So tell me, am I insane or not? (Comment below)

Kyle Chase


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