Author Interview: Caroline George


Such a blessing to have been interviewed by this incredible blogger!

Isabella Stines

What if your seventeenth birthday was just around the corner…

…and you already had two published novels under your belt?


Meet Caroline George, a teenager who has accomplished these feats and so much more. Caroline has written and published two books with a third on the way. Check out the interview below—it’s sure to inspire!

》Before we begin, tell us a little about yourself.

I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Writing is my passion but I also love to paint, play guitar, am an aspiring barista, and world-traveler. I have three younger siblings, two dogs and two cats, and wear a pair of brown, knee-high combat-boots practically every day. Vintage is my fashion. High-adventure is always my activity of choice. And I’m made more of paper and ink than flesh and blood. I currently go to a non-traditional school, which allows me the time I need to write and publish, and…

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