Q&A from Website Interview


What inspired you to write The Prime Way Program?

I’ve always loved to read and write. It became a mission of mine to write something that someone else would fall in love with, as I fell in love with other books and characters. My goal was to publish a book by sixteen, which was attained; but I cannot accept credit for the creation of The Prime Way Program. It was a God-thing, and it’ll always be a God-thing. I’m not changing my story to fit anyone else’s agenda or beliefs.

My attention-span is more like King James’ than Queen Elizabeth’s. I like action. If something doesn’t blow-up, die, or ache with emotional-despair in the first few chapters, I can’t promise that I’ll enjoy reading the book. The Prime Way Program took-on those characteristics; action-filled, suspenseful, intense. I never want my readers to be bored, which was hopefully attained.

Music continues to inspire me on a daily basis. I listen to a lot of film-scores and acoustic artists very few people have heard of (Ben Howard, Gabrielle Aplin, Jon Foreman). I’m also inspired by places and experiences. I like being hands-on and doing the activity I’m writing about (except war and other violent matters).

In what ways can you relate to your protagonists, Kyle and Cora?

Kyle and Cora are both teenagers, confronted with opposition, confliction, and the choice to either succumb to their own fears or rise up victorious. They battle with their own insecurities while thrust into a dangerous world, which demands that they grow-up and accept adult roles. In many ways, I created these characters to allegorically portray the struggles a teenager faces on a daily basis. Of course we’re not genetically-altered or in the midst of an apocalypse, but we are confronted with opposition. We battle our own insecurities. And we have the choice to either succumb to our own fears or rise up victorious.

Kyle is, what I would consider, the perfect man. He’s flawed but is full of integrity, understands the true meaning of courage, love, and sacrifice; and of course, is a total hunk. I relate most with his bond to his family. Although his parents and siblings aren’t perfect, he loves them and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. I feel the same way towards my family. I’d give my own life to protect them.

Cora is the exact opposite of Kyle. She’s headstrong, imperfect, and beneath her many masks and emotional-barriers, she’s a teenage girl. Out of all the characters in The Prime Way Trilogy, I relate most with her. We both battle with insecurities, our secret want to love and to be loved, and the fear of hurting those we care about.

When did you start writing The Prime Way Program, and how long did it take?

I’ve been writing books based on The Prime Way Program since 2011. The first novel I composed was a back-story to my characters and the conspiracy behind the Program. Simply put, it wasn’t good; but I loved the story so much, I began writing what I thought would be a sequel. To my amazement, the sequel ended up as the first installment in the trilogy. Re-titled, The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor was published February, 2013. Each novel took six-months to write, and many more to edit.

The Prime Way Program: Just Strength was started in March of last year and will be published January 28th, 2014.

What are you working on now?

After I finish college applications and a mandatory school-course, I hope to begin writing the third and final installment of The Prime Way Trilogy. It’s a beast of a task, which I expect to take longer to write than the usual six-months (because I want to prolong the inevitable goodbye between me and my beloved characters). Once all three books have been published, I’ll pull an idea from my stash and start on a new project.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing career?

The Prime Way Trilogy has been a great beginning for my career, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to start publishing at a young age. Every day I grow closer to perfecting my craft; so when I’m older and in need of a suitable income, I’ll have the ability and resources to continue writing. Of course I want what every author wants: bestselling books worldwide, an agent, movie deals, etc. There are an infinite number of goals I desire to reach, but I’ll be content with however far God allows me to climb. My dreams are big. His are bigger.


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