Believing in the Impossible


“I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.”

–          Philippians 4:13

Children say impossible things. When asked what they want to be when they grow-up, they usually respond by saying “princess” or “president”. They don’t understand the concept of impossible. In their minds, they can be and do anything.

Adults rarely discourage the big, naïve dreams of children. Sooner or later, the kid will realize what he/she can or cannot be/do. My story has the same beginning. I was a child who, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew-up, said that I wanted to be a published author by my sixteenth birthday.

My dream lasted through elementary and middle school. I was an avid reader, writer, and a homeschooler. Simply put, I wasn’t considered “cool” by other kids. I had a huge dream and a wild imagination; and no matter what other people said about me, I knew who I was and what I wanted.

By the end of eighth-grade, I had written two novels based on The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, published sixty-eight short-stories on a teen-writing website, and had over 60,000 readers. My Literature teacher encouraged me to write an original novel and that summer, The Prime Way Program was born.

June of 2011, my father took me to see Tim Tebow at a conference in Atlanta. What Tebow said radically transformed my perspective regarding my dream and God’s plan for me. He talked about using a secular platform (such as football) to glorify God. I decided then and there that I would use my writing to glorify my Creator.

After six-months, I finished what I thought would be the first installment in The Prime Way Trilogy. It was horrible, but I needed that time to build my characters and a back-story. I started on book 2, finished it exactly six-months later, and my Literature teacher thought it was so good, she told me to publish it as the first in the series.

I submitted the unedited version of my manuscript to several agents and publishers. All said it was a great story and if I were a few years older, they’d publish me in a heartbeat. By this point, I was six months away from my deadline of being published by sixteen. I talked with my Lit teacher and she recommended self-publishing, which is becoming popular worldwide. Thinking it could be my only chance to achieve my goal, I prayed and began editing and formatting my book.

I spent hundreds of hours perfecting the story. I forced my parents, my principal, another teacher, and a friend to edit my novel. They gave me feedback, both painful and encouraging, and I kept working. February 1st of 2013, twenty-five days before my sixteenth birthday, “The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor” was published as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

So I encourage you to believe in the impossible. We only have one life to be something worth remembering.


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