The Prime Way Program: Just Strength



I can’t breathe.

I don’t want to breathe.

Maybe by accident I’ll suffocate myself and fall back into a place of warmth and happiness,

A place where Kyle is there to remind me who I am.


    A plot-driven blend of suspense, science fiction, and romance, the second novel of The Prime Way Trilogy, Just Strength, continues the engrossing story of genetically-altered teenagers, Kyle Chase and Cora Kingston, as they race against time to save humankind from extinction.


“I fell in love with this book! The characters are original and well-developed and the gripping story will leave you on the edge of your seat. Even better than the ‘Hunger Games’!”

–          Barnes and Noble Review

The Prime Way Program was one of the best books I have EVER read!”

–          Barnes and Noble Review

“…A really spectacular read! Caroline George is sure to be a household name and these books will no doubt become a fast must-have for any bookshelf!”

–          Barnes and Noble Review

“Very well written, great story-line, climatic ending. Best book ever. Period.”

–          Amazon Review

“George does an AMAZING job at setting up Cora and Kyle’s relationship and characters. Action is never missing. The ending will leave you speechless and eager for the next installment.”

–          Goodreads Review

“There is so much depth and complexity to the writing! Each character, each idea, each sentence is carefully constructed to create a perfect image. The Prime Way Program is definitely one of my favorite books and I am absolutely in love with it!”

–          Barnes and Noble Review

 “Addicting! Always leaves you wanting more!”

–          Barnes and Noble Review


“George perfectly blends teen drama and dialogue with thought-provoking themes, a thrilling story, and characters you’ll remember for years to come. Great book! Perfect for adults and teenagers alike.”

–          Barnes and Noble Review





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